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Sistem za pametni nadzor ulične razsvetljave prek PLC

LUMENIA Smart Street Lighting Control System (SSLCS) allows you to reduce the cost of energy and maintenance by up to 60%. LUMENIA SSLCS supports remote control, monitoring and managing of individual lights in parking areas, as well as street lights in major highway infrastructure. The system consists of hardware integrated in the luminaire (C LUM or PLC node) and a cloud based graphical user interface, which is used for easy monitoring and configuration of luminaires. The software allows users to plan the lamp infrastructure, optimize maintenance and monitor the entire lighting system. Lamp failures can be easily detected remotely from the control center, which facilitates maintenance scheduling. This system offers wireless control with C LUM, which allows users to manage street lighting through the mesh network, or Power Line Communication (PLC), which allows you to manage street lighting through the existing power lines.


  • Prihranki energije do 60%
  • Nižja poraba električne energije
  • Zmanjšanje operativnih stroškov
  • Boljša varnost
  • Izboljšana prilagodljivost cestne razsvetljave
  • remotely switching street lights on and off 
  • dimming the lights communicating through the grid
  • control of the city infrastructure
  • using the existing power lines of the lighting system for transmitting commands
  • resistance against external interferences
  • 10% more savings on electric power in addition to the power already saved by using the LED technology
  • Simple installation of PLC technology into LUMENIA S LUM street lights


The PLC system allows users to control luminaries through the existing 230 V AC grid connecting the lamps. Unlike the standard LON system, PLC uses a semi sinusoidal model, sending coded binary commands with the frequency of 50 Hz by decreasing the amplitude voltage. This method allows the transmission of larger messages, as well as bigger distances between connectors and nodes. These distances can be up to 5 km, with no amplifiers required. After receiving the commands, the PLC control circuit controls the power supply integrated in the lamp via a DALI connection. Commands are generated in the graphical user interface (GUI), which is connected to the concentrator through a GPRS connection or installed on a computer connected to the concentrator at the installation site. Both modes allow users to set dimming levels or a dimming schedule. The GUI allows users to connect lamps into groups, as well as enter them into Google Maps. The node is in a standard NEMA casing, which allows for simple switches between different control signals. 

Our street lighting solutions offer better energy efficiency, independence and safer connectivity, and intelligent data management. We are continuously exploring connectivity concepts and integrating various systems that translate to long-term prosperity and well-being for everyone.

RF (C Lum)



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